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Modalities of Evangelism

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There are different ways and manners of doing evangelism (Heb 1:1-2). However, I have seen many believers out of zeal without knowledge waste their precious time and energy shouting and sweating when no one is listening to them. Evangelism is not shouting with microphone at the junction. If no one is listening to what you are saying, you have only succeeded in wasting your energy and time. Don’t say it doesn’t matter if anyone listens or not. You can’t win souls for the Lord if the people don’t listen to what you are saying. We are not preaching to make noise but for the sinner to hear the gospel and give his life to Christ. Therefore, the first thing you should look out for when you go for evangelism and soul winning is attention from the people. And there is no way people will give you their attention, if you don’t know the right way and method to present the gospel to them. There is a way you will try to preach the gospel, you will end up offending people instead of impacting them. Your approach to evangelism matters. Someone went to a Guest house where harlots stay to preach the gospel and the harlots poured urine to the preacher due to his wrong approach. I went to the same place and preached and many harlots gave their lives to Christ and turned a new leaf. It is the same Gospel and the same Jesus Christ but different approach. There is a way you will preach to a high way robber and he will surrender his gun to Christ. But when you use a wrong approach he will send you to heaven before your time. In this post, I want to show you different Modalities of evangelism and the right approach for doing them to get a better result.

Types of Evangelism

1. House-to House Evangelism

2. Market Evangelism

3. Junction Crusade

4. School and Campus Evangelism

5. Prison Evangelism

6. Hospital Evangelism

7. Mobile Evangelism

8. Media Evangelism

9. Print-media Evangelism

10. Internet Evangelism

11. Rural Evangelism

12. City-Wide Crusade Evangelism

House-to-House Evangelism
This is the art of going from one house to another to preach the gospel. The house may be people’s residential home, office or business Centre. This is one of the Modalities of Evangelism that gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with people one on one. Sometimes, people open up to you better when you meet them alone. They will likely give you more attention and tell you their problems when you meet them one on one. House to house evangelism has tremendous impact. There are people you can’t reach in the crowd, you need to meet them in their homes or office and talk to them face to face. They could be your relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues or business associates. However, house to house evangelism may require that you go with someone. Jesus sent them two by two. By the mouth of two or three witnesses every truth is established. For security purposes, two are better than one. If you are a man, look for another brother who has the same passion and go with him. The same applies to a sister. The Apostles were deeply committed to this kind of evangelism.

And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house, testifying both to the Jews and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ Acts 20:20-21

As highly anointed and successful Apostle Paul was in ministry, yet he made out time to go from house to house for evangelism. When you love the Lord, evangelism will become a lifestyle for you. There is no height I will get to in life and ministry that I will not go for my personal evangelism whether house to house or market evangelism. It is pride that makes some Bishops, Pastors, Apostles and Prophets despise house to house evangelism. If Jesus Christ went for house to house evangelism and Apostle Paul also did the same thing, you and I cannot be exempted. A disciple cannot be greater than his master. Personal house to house evangelism is one way to show that you are dead to self. Some preachers struggle for pulpits not for souls but for their own selfish interests. Time has come for us to lay aside our titles, ego and material achievements, step out of our large congregations and move out there in the streets where sinners are. I encourage you to go back to house to house evangelism and God will bless you more and more.

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as you go preach, saying, the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Matt 10:6-7

Market Evangelism
This is the art of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the market places. When people are not in their homes, the next place you are likely to find them is in the market. From morning to evening, hundreds and thousands of people walk and move around different markets in the town. You can see young and elderly people in the market everyday. Some of these people go to church while others don’t attend any church. There are people who even sleep in their shops from Monday to Sunday. So the only place you can find them is in that market. Market evangelism is a critical one, because you are coming to preach to people from different religious background and negative mindset. Therefore, you need the right approach to get a better result. Market is not a church, don’t ask people to give you offering after preaching in the market. If you do, next time you come, they will say you have come again to collect their money and no one will listen to you. To command respect in market evangelism, maintain your integrity and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ which you have come for. There is no other purpose for market evangelism than to preach the gospel of Christ and win souls for the Lord. You don’t go to show that you are a prophet in the market. If your ministry is to call people’s names and phone numbers, please they don’t need you in market evangelism. Everyone in the market knows their names and phone numbers. But many of them do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation of souls is primary, miracles, signs and wonders are secondary. The market place can be very noisy with people moving up and down. So you need a good sound system to get better result. I was passing through a market one day and I saw a brother preaching in the market with only his natural voice without any microphone and his voice has cracked. He is exerting all his energy to shout yet no one can hear him because of wrong approach. I have done market evangelism several times and I am still doing. People are very hungry to hear the truth. But your approach will determine the result you will get. There is no way you will go to the market with a good gospel band or DJ and play good spiritual songs that will move the heart of people to worship and dance to God and after that you call them together to preach to them and they won’t give you attention. It’s not possible. Don’t go to a market as big as Ariaria Int’l market to preach with only your mouth without a good sound system. It’s not necessary that you must buy your own gospel band before you go for market evangelism. You can hire few Sound speakers, Amplifier, microphone and generator from your friends and return them after your Market evangelism.

Therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word. Acts 8:4
Photo credit: Unsplash

Junction Crusade
This is the art of preaching the gospel at strategic junction points in the town. There are certain places in the town where people always gather in numbers especially in the evening hours. Such places can be a good field for junction crusade. You can take your evangelism team to such places and win souls for the Lord. Junction crusade or outreach does not need too much money. All you need is a good sound system. You can set chairs for people to sit down if you have a space for that or forget about chairs if there is no space to set the chairs. Put on a good spiritual worship song to harmonize the atmosphere and create awareness of the program you have come for. Once the music is playing, anyone passing by does not need to be told that evangelism is going on. When the environment is saturated with worship and praise and the hearts of the people are now open, grab the microphone and preach the gospel and win souls for the Lord. While you are preaching, some members of your team can help to share Decision forms to the people around and collect their contacts for follow-up and counseling.  Junction crusade is very powerful and many people have given their lives to Christ through it.

School and Campus Evangelism
School and Campus evangelism is the art of preaching the gospel and winning souls for the Lord in the primary and secondary schools and higher institutions of learning. This kind of evangelism allows you to capture children early for the Lord. Many Christian Government and private schools in the town have a fellowship day where the students gather together to pray and hear the word of God, you can take permission from the school authorities to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those students. I am sure they will give you the opportunity to preach and you can maximize it to win souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. The need to start reaching out to the millions of youths in our higher institutions of learning cannot be overemphasized especially in such a time as this. Many of our youths in the universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education are not there for studies but for extra curriculum activities. Some of our youths in the universities today are into cultism, Lesbianism, homosexuality, indecent dressing, alcoholism, drug-addiction, armed robbery, kidnapping, violence and other unspeakable evils. The only way to bring back sanity and morality in our universities is rugged campus evangelism and soul winning. We need to go back to organizing revival meetings and fire conferences in the universities. If we lose the youths, we lose the future. A society without godly youths is doomed. We can’t continue to sit in the church waiting for the youths to come to church on Sunday, we have to take the gospel to them right there in the campus. If we don’t reach out to the youths, the devil will reach out to them. If we don’t tell them the truth, the enemy will continue to deceive them with lies.

Prison Evangelism
Prison evangelism is one of the Modalities of Evangelism that has to do with preaching the gospel to prisoners at different prisons across the nation. This kind of evangelism is more than a conventional evangelism, it is charity work. Are you aware that there are many people locked up in different prisons across the nation for crimes they know nothing about? Not everyone in prison today committed a crime. Some are victims of false accusation like Joseph in the Bible. Some their friend, neighbor or relative committed a crime and ran away and they became the lamb for sacrifice. When you hear the stories of some of the people inside prison, you will cry your heart out for them. However, our God is a God of justice and vengeance. His hand is always mighty to save and deliver. Through prison evangelism, we can minister hope to the hopeless, faith to the faithless and life back to them that are appointed to die. We can as well send relief packages like food, clothes, soap and other necessities to the prisoners in the name of Christ. Many sinners have repented and became disciples of Jesus Christ through prison evangelism.

By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison.  1 Peter 3:19

Jesus preached to the Spirits in prison, you and I should preach to human beings in the prison. Apostle Paul preached several times in the Prison. God bless you as you reach out with the gospel to the prisoners in different prisons across the nation.

Hospital Evangelism
This is the art of going to the hospitals to pray for the sick, visit them, care for them and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. You can’t just enter any hospital you see and start shouting there. There are procedures to follow because the hospital is a very sensitive place. You don’t need shouting, noise or any unwholesome behavior in the hospital rooms. You need to take due permission from the hospital authorities. You need to come on their official visiting days and finish your prayers and preaching within the time given to you. You may come in the company of two or three ministers of the gospel. You don’t carry sound system to pray for the sick. All you need is your bible, the word of God in your mouth and the presence and power of the Holy Ghost that can heal and deliver. After praying for the sick and preaching the gospel to them, you can pay for their hospital bills if the Lord has financially blessed you. You can encourage them with food, clothes and other necessities. And don’t forget to give them a bible as a gift or other Christian books for those that can read. Hospital evangelism is very powerful and many sick people and their care-takers have given their lives to Christ through the impact of hospital evangelism. Now hear this,

Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, come ye blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungred, and ye gave me meat, I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink, I was a stranger and ye took me in, naked and ye clothed me, I was sick, and ye visited me, I was in prison and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? Or thirsty and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the king shall answer and say unto them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matt 25:34-40

When you leave your church, office or business to visit the sick, pray for them and care for them whether at their homes or hospital, you are rendering service to God. Hospital evangelism is not a religious activity, it is a kingdom service that attracts eternal reward from God. You can’t care for the sick and won’t enjoy divine health from heaven. Anything you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Do you want to enjoy divine health in your life and family? Begin to take hospital evangelism serious.

Mobile Evangelism
This is one of the Modalities of Evangelism that involves preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ inside public vehicles. There are some people you may never meet in this life except you meet them inside a public vehicle while going to work, market, office or travelling. Each time you find yourself inside a commercial vehicle while travelling whether a short distance or long one, it is a good opportunity that the Lord has given to you to preach the gospel to those passengers around you. Thousands of people move from one place to another everyday using motor bikes, taxi, cars, coaster buses etc. You can reach out to souls at the motor parks. Mobile evangelism is very instrumental when you want to ensure that road accidents are reduced to the lowest minimum. Some of the fatal accidents that happen on our roads and claim innocent lives are not just a result of the recklessness of the driver or the mal-function of the vehicles but the assault and attack from the forces of darkness. Many witches and wizards go to express high-way and cause accidents to fill up their blood bank. They can manipulate the driver to sleep off while on steering. We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil. Praying inside the public vehicles while travelling and preaching the gospel inside public vehicles can destroy the works of the devil deployed to cause accident on the roads. We need to take mobile evangelism very serious.

Media Evangelism
This is the art of preaching the gospel and reaching out to souls through the use of the media channels such as Television channels, Radio station, billboards, public address systems etc. The media is a great force to reckon with when it comes to reaching a larger population of people within a given environment in time. You can reach over a million people within 30 minutes using the Television channel or radio station. Where your legs cannot reach, the media can get you there. There are people you can never meet if you were to travel around the world, but through the power of the media, you can stay anywhere and preach to the entire world at the same time. You can stay in your village and win souls in America and the United Kingdom using the media. That’s how powerful the media is. The media has made evangelism and soul winning very easy. However, it is imperative to take cognizance of the fact that hosting gospel programs on radio and television channels can be financially demanding. That’s why God wants the Saints to prosper. You can’t access most media platforms if you are poor.

Print-Media Evangelism

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and what thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven Churches which are in Asia, unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia and unto Lamictal. Rev 1:10-11

The Print-Media Evangelism is the art of preaching the gospel and winning souls for the Lord through the printed pages. The audio message of the gospel has the same effect with the written word. You can as well reach billions of souls around the world through writing and publishing Christian books, daily devotionals, Tracts, Magazines and Newspapers etc. Where your legs cannot reach, your books can reach there. Where your voice may not be heard, your books can speak there. Millions of souls have come to Christ through one Christian book or tract they read that touched their heart and changed their lives. If you have been neglecting this aspect of evangelism, you need to wake up today to the possibilities that exist through the power of the printed pages. You don’t need to be a talented writer to publish Christian books, Tracts and other Journals. You can hire or employ others to write for you. I don’t write just because I am a gifted writer, but because I understand the necessity of reaching out to souls through the printed pages. Do you know there are people who don’t have the time to sit down for one hour to listen to your voice? But they can sit for hours to read a book that inspires them. Our anchor scripture says, what you see, write it in a book. You can turn your revelation into a publication that can save your generation.

Internet Evangelism
This is the art of preaching the gospel and winning souls for the Lord using the internet. Social media statistics as of 2020 show that Facebook has over 2.4 Billion monthly active users and 1.6 Billion Daily active users. YouTube has over 1.9 Billion Monthly active users and 149 Million Daily active users. WhatsApp has over 1.5 Billion Monthly active users and 1 Billion Daily active users. Instagram has over 1 Billion Monthly active users and 600 Million Daily active users. The greatest population in any Christian gathering in one place could be around 6 million people. But through the Internet, you can preach to over 2 Billion people from 195 Countries in the world. That’s very interesting. It is sad to know that many Churches, Ministries and Evangelists don’t even have a Facebook account or page. You will know unserious believers by the kind of stuffs they post on their social media platforms. Using your social media platforms to preach the gospel of Christ to win souls for God is one way to prove that you have overcome carnality. Stupidity is when you make your private life to become public news. There are things you shouldn’t share on social media for crying out loud. When your heart is on fire for souls, your social media platforms will automatically become channels for internet evangelism and soul winning. If Christians are very serious with preaching the gospel of Christ using the internet, we would populate heaven and depopulate hell faster. The internet affords us a great opportunity to reach the world for Christ.

Rural Evangelism

 And Jesus went about all the Cities and Villages, teaching in their Synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and disease among the people. Matt 9:35

Rural Evangelism is the art of preaching the gospel and winning souls in the village or rural areas. What most preachers know today is only Urban or City-wide crusade. Jesus Christ our Master preached in the villages also. And if a disciple cannot be above his master we cannot shun rural evangelism as Christians. Charity begins from home. There are Pastors and preachers that are very popular in the city but no one knows them in their village. It’s time to take the gospel home. Don’t complain of witchcraft and all kinds of wickedness being rampant in the village if you are not making any effort to evangelize your village and other rural areas within your location. Some preachers can’t go to the village because there won’t be fat envelop or honounarium there. The best way to prove your love for the Lord and for souls is to reach out to people in the rural areas. There are villages that don’t have electricity. As a missionary, I have travelled to different villages where there is no good drinking water or any social amenity. The gospel is the only hope for people living in such dark places. It’s not only victims of war or natural disaster that need relief or assistance. Many people living in different remote villages need our help and support through the gospel. We can take clothes, medical care and other relief materials to them along side the gospel. Rugged rural evangelism is the sure way to bring revival and transformation to the rural areas of our society.

City-Wide Crusade
This is the art of preaching the gospel and winning souls for the Lord in the city or urban places. This is one of the modalities of evangelism usually associated with reaching out to crowd or large audience. It involves a lot of money and planning to yield a good result. City wide crusades will need a Stadium, open field, large event centres or big church auditorium to accommodate the crowd that will come. There is also a need for good publicity and sound system. This kind of evangelism can be sponsored by the church, government officials or individuals who God has blessed financially. The impact of City wide crusade can transform a whole city, state and nation. This kind of evangelism can yield a bumper harvest of souls into the kingdom of God and invariably bring peace to the city and state in which it is conducted. We need to get out of the comfort zone of our church conventional services and begin to organize city wide crusades to win souls for the Lord outside the church walls. It is an error for a church to shun evangelism and soul winning and resort to building self empires on the earth. In God’s scale of preference, evangelism comes first before building projects. We are not called to build earthly empires but to save souls. It is a misplacement of eternal values if we begin to save money at the expense of saving souls. How can a church have hundreds of millions of naira and dollars in the bank yet can’t boast of 100,000 committed souls she has won for the Lord! If evangelism is not the paramount task of your church, you have missed the very purpose for which the church existed. At the shores of eternity, our private jets, Gucci wears and extravagant lifestyles won’t count but the souls we won for the Lord. Any money you have that can’t sponsor a crusade to win souls for the Lord is useless. I don’t know what you call money. But as a Soul Winner, money is a machine which is used to preach the gospel and win souls for the Lord.

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  2. I am in the process of launching an outreach ministry here in Zambia, Lusaka, to the people in the streets, homes, hospitals, and prisons. I have been truly blessed by your article. May the good Lord bless you. Rev J. L. Kaunda.