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Is It a Sin to Have Sex with Your Spouse after Traditional Marriage?

Sex after Traditional Marriage
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A newly married man is having a problem with his wife. He has paid the traditional bride price and has fulfilled all marriage rites required by Custom. The Parents of the bride have also blessed the union and handed their daughter to the man in marriage in the presence of many Witnesses. Now the man wants to have sex with his wife and the woman is saying the man should wait for three months until the White wedding is done.

In my opinion, that is foolishness on the part of the lady. That kind of thing happens when religion has eaten deep into someone's mental faculty. Sisters please allow your husband to have his conjugal right after he has paid your bride price and your parents have given their consent and blessings in your traditional Marriage. 

Now I want to unequivocally state it here, that it is not a sin for a man to have Sex with his wife after Traditional Marriage bride price is paid. 

For the sake of clarity,  Marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman as husband and wife. And biblically speaking, there's only one way to get married. And that is to pay the traditional Marriage bride price of a woman and get her Parents Consent and blessing.  White wedding and Court wedding are not recorded in the bible, but they are alternative ways to get married. 

Sex after Traditional Marriage
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However, it is wrong for the church to discredit traditional Marriage and make it look like white wedding is the only legit method to get married. Believe it or not, wedding is not Marriage. White wedding is only a matter of one day but Marriage is for a lifetime. Biblical Marriage begins after Traditional Marriage. Once the Bride price is paid and the Bride's Parents give their Consent and blessing to the Marriage in the presence of other Witnesses, the Marriage Contract is established. It is Spiritually sealed as a Covenant when the Couples have sex and exchanged their blood and spirits with each other. That's a topic for another day.

How did our Spiritual fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob get married? Scriptures revealed that Abraham's Servant took Rebecca as a wife for Isaac and brought her home and immediately Isaac went in to sleep with Rebecca ( Gen 24:22-67). In the case of Rebecca, her Parents didn't even collect any bride price or customary rites. When her Parents saw that it was the Lord's doing, they gave their consent and blessed their daughter and handed her out to Abraham's Servant for Isaac. The moment Rebecca reached home that night, Isaac took her into the room and slept with her.  

The same thing happened in the Marriage of Jacob.  Watch what Jacob said, 

"And Jacob said unto Laban, Give me my wife, for my  days are fulfilled, that I may go in unto her." Gen 29:21

One of the most dangerous killers of destiny is ignorance. And many religious churches and their religious pastors are victims of this.  For the records, the essence of the church wedding is to bless the marriage that was already established at the traditional Marriage. When a man and a woman have done their traditional Marriage, they are not about to get married at the church. They are married couple who are about to get wedded at the church. Let me make it clear here. Church wedding doesn't mean they are getting married that day in the church, they have already been married and joined together by God and their Parents in the presence of many Witnesses.

It is capital ignorance for a church or Pastor to separate traditionally newly married Couples at the wedding ceremony. Why would you keep their chairs apart? It is biblically wrong for any church to do pregnancy test for a woman who has been legally married by custom and traditions of her father. It is an aberration for a church or Pastor to cancel a church wedding because they saw a married man holding his wife intimately in their pre-wedding picture. Oga, She is his legally married wife, he doesn't need anyone's permission to hold his wife any how they both want it. 

Sex after Traditional Marriage is not a sin
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I don't blame the sisters so much on this matter, I blame the religious churches and the religious pastors who deceived them. For the records, a Marriage is still a Holy Matrimony on the wedding ceremony day if the new Couple never had sex with each other during their dating and courtship until the bride price is paid. Another error I have seen in many church weddings is the time the religious pastors give order to the man to kiss his wife. " Now you can kiss your bride". Oga that's the wrong time. The right time to kiss his bride is at the night after paying her bride price on the traditional Marriage day. If you say, "Groom you may kiss your bride". It's better. But adding Now implying that it is right now to kiss his bride is fallacy. 

Another error of the church wedding is that covering of the wedding veil while the bride is coming into the church wedding hall. I know what you are insinuating but it is a religious fallacy. After the traditional Marriage bride price is paid, the veil is removed. Isaac removed the veil that Rebecca used to cover herself when they got inside the room after the traditional Marriage. Our newly married virgin Wives should put on their wedding veils on the day of their traditional Marriage. That's what they should wear as they follow their husband to the house.  

In Conclusion, Is it wrong for Newly married Couples to have Sex After their Traditional Marriage? What's your Opinion on this matter? Use the Comment box below to write down your views.

 Newly married Couples may decide to wait for their white wedding before having sex. But that should be by mutual Consent if both parties agree to it. keeping sex till church wedding is not a spiritual principle or biblical doctrine. It doesn't make you more righteous than others. If you decide to have sex with your spouse after your traditional Marriage bride price is paid, you didn't not sin. If you choose to wait until white wedding, it's your own choice anyway. However, to avoid misunderstanding of this kind, Singles who want to get married should talk about this things before finally fixing a date. If you want to have sex after your traditional Marriage, talk about it. I have written by the wisdom of God a very powerful book that every Single needs to read before marriage. This book will help you to avoid making mistakes in your marriage and relationship. The name of the book is, "NOW THAT YOU ARE SINGLE"

You can download it from our Bookstore on this blog. Click the link below to get it. 

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