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15 Benefits of Integrity

 In a time and season when corruption, indiscipline, immorality, stealing by crook and covering it up with lies and all forms of vices try to disrupt the order and sanctity of our families, communities, businesses, organisations, and nations, our society is in dare need of men and women of integrity. If all the employees working in our companies and businesses know the benefits of integrity and live by it, we won't need to install CCTV in our offices to monitor misconducts from workers. If all husband, wife and children that make up the family know what integrity really is and apply it in their daily lives, our marriages and homes will become a paradise on earth. The benefits of integrity cannot be overemphasized. It touches virtually every aspect of our lives.

Do you want to know the benefits of integrity? This post will answer your questions and clear your confusion. 

Importance of Integrity
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What is Integrity?

The Oxford English Dictionary defined Integrity as the quality of being morally good. In my opinion, Integrity can be defined as moral uprightness. It is that virtue or character of honesty, sincerity and godliness. A man or woman of integrity doesn't tell lies or use falsehood to obtain a material gain. Integrity simply means being good and doing good whether someone is watching you or not. Integrity is the ability to maintain a high moral standard regardless of every temptation or opportunity to compromise. Integrity is simply having the fear of God and good conscience . A person of integrity is a man or woman of excellence. Integrity means doing or giving your best in everything you do. Integrity is doing always what is right and just before God and man. It is that character of being reliable, trustworthy and dependable. A person of integrity is one who can be given power, position, money or something of value to keep and he will not abuse it. A person of integrity is not just a man or woman of value but of character. People of value are many, but men and women of integrity are few. Integrity is the ability to remain faithful to God and to yourself in times of difficulty or persecution. You will know a person of integrity when things are rough and he refuses to compromise his moral values, principles and faith in God. Integrity is also the ability to work with excellence without supervision. If you need someone to monitor you before you can perform your job, you are not a person of integrity. Integrity is unwavering commitment and compliance to God's laws and Principles, strict adherence to organisational codes of conduct and core Obedience to the good laws and customs of the land. 

Is Integrity an inborn Trait or is it a Character we can learn and acquire?

Integrity is not a hereditary factor. No one is born with a cell, tissue or organ that gives integrity. Yes, no human came into this world with this virtue called integrity implanted in his heart. By Scriptures, we understand that through the sin of the first man Adam, mankind lost that divine nature of integrity, uprightness, and was clothed with sin which is the very nature of Satan. This implies that all human are born with a sinful heart ( Psalms 51:5, Romans 3:23, Romans 5:12-17). We were all sinners by birth. And we became righteous through the new birth and faith in Christ (Romans 3:24, 2 Cor 5:21, Rom 5:17). Integrity is not an inborn trait or behaviour in the natural man. It is a fruit or character of the new creation. It is domiciled in the recreated human spirit. Even though integrity is planted in the new creation like a seed, he needs to nurture, groom and develop it. Integrity is an art and character of the Spirit but it can be learnt. If Jesus Christ  learnt obedience (Hebrews 5:8), we too can learn integrity. We can learn to be honest, good, faithful, reliable, sincere and trustworthy people. 

What are the Benefits of Integrity?

There are many benefits of integrity. Some of them are:

1. Integrity helps you to have a good Reputation

One thing integrity does for you as an individual, organisation, business or brand is that it gives you a good reputation. When your customers, employees and everyone know you as a business, company or organisation of integrity, they will talk about you for good. Integrity gives you a good public image. And a good name is better than a sweet smelling fragrance ( Eccl 7:1, Prov 22:1). What makes Mercedes, Apple, Facebook, Walmart and Toyota great is their name. That's why they can pay anything to retain their reputation in the business world. When you lose your integrity, you will lose your reputation and influence in the society.

2. Integrity will retain you at the top.

Your certificate can land you a great job in a great company but your integrity will keep you to work there for a very long time. There are people who happened to get a job as a manager or director in a big organisation or company but lack of integrity chased them out of the office within a very short time. Have you ever heard of a top Politician or government official facing jail terms in prison for corruption? It is as a result of lack of integrity. Have you ever seen a once global celebrated artist facing jail terms in prison for rape and other sexual abuse? It's what lack of integrity can cause a man. Your talent or gift can take you to the top, your integrity is what will keep you at the top. Many heroes have fallen due to lack of integrity. Many once successful businesses have shut down due to lack of integrity. That's why I said, don't just be a person of value, become a person of integrity. It will keep you at the top everywhere you go.

3. Integrity will open doors of opportunity for you

One of the benefits of integrity is that it opens doors of opportunity for the man who has it. A man or woman of integrity cannot lack opportunity. Believe me, while some people are looking for a job, there are many great jobs looking for men and women of integrity. I have seen people giving me opportunities I didn't ask for because they know me very well to be a person of integrity. Your Integrity can speak for you where your voice cannot be heard. It can take you to places your legs cannot reach. Don't underrate the power of integrity, it has changed many people from rags to riches and from obscurity is limelight. 

4. Integrity can help you to keep good relationships

Importance of Integrity
Photo Credit: Pexels

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If you always find it difficult to keep a good relationship with people, check very well, your problem may be lack of integrity. If good people frequently leave you after a short period of knowing you or doing business with you, your integrity may be questionable. A man or woman of integrity is everybody's delight. Even an armed robber will not want to give his money to someone who is not honest and sincere. When you are a person of integrity, people will like to associate with you. Businesses and organisations will like to identify with you. Love brings relationship but integrity keeps the relationship going. Every divorce or marriage breakdown is traceable to lack of integrity of either one of the couples or both of them. If you want to keep relationship with people, businesses organisations, you need to become a person of integrity.

5. Integrity will protect you from shame and public embarrassment

If you are a person of integrity you will not be involved in a crime that will bring shame and public embarrassment to you and your family. Sometimes you see some young men being stripped and beaten in public for stealing. That's a shame that can be avoided by living a life of integrity. Some of our Youths are being paraded as fraudsters by the police, this has automatically ruined their public image. You need integrity to stay out of trouble. If you don't want to be arrested for drug trafficking, become a person of integrity. If you don't want to be stripped naked in public for stealing, please become a person of integrity. Integrity will spare you from unnecessary troubles.

6. Integrity can encourage other people to be good

One man or woman of integrity can influence a whole community of corrupt people. I know people are hard to change these days but there's a way you will be known as a person of integrity in your family, community or organisation, other people will start to emulate you. They will be naturally drawn to your character. The problem is some of us still believe in "if you can't beat them, join them". That's things are going out of shape. We need people in the government, family and business places who can stand for justice, truth, equity, fairness and goodness so that others can learn and change. 

7. Integrity can bring honour from God and man

There was a woman who happened to be a cleaner in the airport. She found a briefcase that was lost by one of the travellers. The briefcase contained some huge amount of money plus other important documents. This woman brought that briefcase to the authority where she was working and the briefcase was returned to the right owner. Though the owner of the briefcase didn't do anything much for the woman but other people of good will who heard about it called the woman and honoured her for her integrity with a huge amount of money. God also honoured the woman as her situation changed for the better shortly after that. Integrity can bring you honour from God and from people. 

8. Integrity can bring success and prosperity to you

Joseph in the Bible was a man of integrity, even though he was a domestic servant in the house of Potiphar in Egypt. His master's wife asked him to sleep with her but he refused because of his integrity. The Bible recorded that God blessed and prospered everything that Joseph put his hands to do( Genesis 39:2-9). Many businesses will prosper if there are men and women of integrity working for them. Many families will enjoy abundance if the members of the family embrace integrity as a way of life. If God prospered Joseph and everything he did because of his integrity, if you walk in integrity, your business, marriage and finances will prosper and succeed.

9. Integrity will bring us peace

Importance of Integrity
Photo credit: Pexels

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One of the benefits of integrity is peace. Many individuals, families, communities and nations are constantly in a war against each other. Sometimes what causes these conflicts are minor misunderstanding that integrity could have avoided. If you are a man of integrity, you will not fight your brother to take over his land which doesn't belong to you. Sometimes we go to war against each other for lack of integrity. When we embrace integrity as a way of life, the end point will be peace and harmony. Watch how the Bible puts it, 

"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the  end of that man  is peace. " Psalms 37:37

Nothing gives peace of mind like integrity. We cannot enjoy family peace and harmony until integrity is given the pride of place in our homes. Are you at war with yourself or other people and need peace in your heart? You need integrity to forgive those who offend you. Integrity will make you to put down your sword even when you have every reason to shout and fight. Peace makers are usually men and women of integrity. 

10. Integrity brings Favour from God and Man

Nothing provokes divine favour like integrity. When a man walks in integrity, he is entitled to enjoy favour from God and man. Your life is not supposed to be only a product of your hardwork and efforts. If everything you are today is what you achieved by your own efforts, you lack favour. One of the parameters that a man is walking in integrity is favour from God and man. A good man will always be accompanied by goodness and mercy. When the only thing following you is bad luck, check very well if you are still walking in integrity. If you are cheating people or using dubious means to rob people of their resources, don't be surprised when you see similar things following you. It pays to be good. Because good things do happen to good people. 

11. Integrity will bring You Promotion

Integrity is a Spiritual component for accessing your high places in life and destiny. Promotion comes from God. Not from using tricks and false accusation to blackmail your superiors. Friends, you don't need to bring anyone down in order to rise up. If you are a person of integrity, it doesn't matter where you are, your integrity will spot you out and set above others. David was a man of integrity, God promoted him from being an ordinary shepherd to a king. Integrity is still a king maker. Don't join the multitude to cheat or commit fraud when you are given an opportunity to work in a company or organisation. Maintain your integrity and one day, you will be promoted to a higher position or office.

12. Integrity will keep you in good health

Are you aware that not all sickness and diseases are caused by demonic attack? Many people are sick because of lack of integrity. Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorhea, syphilis, HIV AIDS etc can be avoided by simply remaining sexually faithful to your spouse if you are married or staying away from sex if you are not married. It takes integrity to maintain sexual purity in today's world. You know that saying that prevention is better than cure. It is true. Integrity is what helps you to maintain high sexual discipline so as to enjoy good health. 

13. Integrity Makes you a good leader

Importance of Integrity
Photo Credit: Pexels

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What use is a gun without bullets? A leader with questionable character will soon bring catastrophe to his subjects. One of the fiundamental requirements of leadership is integrity. A leader is bond to be honest, sincere and trustworthy. If not his subjects will not be loyal to him. Bad government in most cases is a result of bankruptcy of integrity in those who are in the leadership positions. Nothing makes a good leader like integrity. 

14. Integrity will bring you Good self-esteem

I know people can pretend to be who they are not in public but everyone knows who they are and what they do behind closed doors. Nothing gives you confidence and good self esteem like integrity. If you are not a thief, you can give yourself a pat on the back whenever something is found missing in your company or house and later found to be stolen by someone else. Integrity helps you to walk with your head high because you are not hiding from anyone. A clear conscience fears no accusation. This is also true for a person of integrity. 

15. Integrity guarantees heaven at last

As children of God, our greatest desire should be to spend eternity in heaven after our years on the earth. But the Bible recorded that liars, fornicators, thieves, murderers and all evil doers will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. So who then will enter into heaven? Not just church people, not religious people but all men and women of integrity. ( Rev 21:8, 1 Cor 6:9-10) Do you want to make heaven at last? Become a person of integrity. 


There are numerous benefits of integrity. We cannot cover everything in Just one page. If we are to write a book on this topic, it can cover many chapters. However, I believe you have learnt so many good things from this article. Before I drop my pen, let me also remind you that not every open door is a good door from God. There are some jobs or Businesses that your faith and moral values do not support you will need to reject if you want to maintain your integrity. You can't continue in the same association or friendship with a person who lacks character and integrity and expect to remain strong in your integrity. Evil association corrupts good manners. So watch the friends and companies you keep if you want to maintain your integrity. Get out of every relationship or association that threatens to break your integrity. 

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